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Want to take part in up-to-the-minute Alliance Manchester Business School research?


Who I am

My name is Lee Stringer and I am a PhD student studying at the University of Manchester.

What it's all about

This study is an ESRC funded PhD project with the Alliance Manchester Business School.

The purpose is to understand the work and employment challenges and tensions, from the expansion and evolution of (web-based) digital labour platforms (DLP) for online freelancers (esp. tech workers) and their clients (e.g. their hiring managers) who work and manage through DLPs.

Where you come in

I am looking for a number of online freelancers (esp. tech workers) and their clients (e.g. their hiring managers) that use DLPs such as,, and, who wish to take part.

You can do so by registering your interest here or above.

Work here might include for example:

  • Quality assurance and testing
  • Software development
  • Mobile development
  • Server maintenance
  • Game development
  • Web development
  • Web scraping
  • Data science

This will involve a quick chat over Skype, taking no more than an hour of your time.

Interviewees will be reimbursed for their time with an eGift Voucher*.

(*or an equivalent Gift Card from your home countries respective Amazon website).

And/ or you can…


Tell your friends about this study and for every friend (up to four) that signs up and goes on to be interviewed on your recommendation, you’ll get an Amazon eGift Voucher.*

*N.B. See T&Cs below.

How it works
  • You tell your friends about this study;
  • They register their interest;
  • When registering, they choose the option “Yes” under “Was this study referred to you by a friend” and enter your first and last name;
  • Each week I check to see if you’ve been named as a referrer;
  • For every person (up to four) who’s named you and goes on to be interviewed, you’ll get an Amazon eGift Voucher.*

*N.B. See T&Cs below.

  1. To qualify:-
    • Referrers will need to register above.
    • Referrals must go on to be interviewed.
    • A minimum of 2 referrals (who have registered) is required.
    • Your friend(s) will need to enter your first and last name when registering their interest.
  2. Other things to consider:-
    • Up to four referrals per referrer will be awarded for.
    • Offer applies even if you have not been interviewed yourself.
    • If someone is referred twice, the first named referrer will be counted.
    • To ensure anonymity, one individual per referrer will always be deducted.
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I operate under strict confidentiality rules at the University of Manchester, and these are designed to protect you, your colleague(s) and your client(s), and so any sources (e.g. organisations, sites and participants) would remain completely anonymous.

Those involved

I will be taking the lead and am a President’s Doctoral Scholar Award holder which is the highest accolade the University bestow upon members of their postgraduate research community, and I have also won various other awards all of which can be viewed here.

Additionally, the project will be under the close supervision of Prof. Tony Dundon and Dr. Stephen Mustchin, and so this will ensure that the outcome will be of the highest quality.

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